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Aeroklas Co.Ltd. or ARK is a member of the Eastern Polymer Group of Companies (EPG) and has been producing finished rubber and plastic products for over 50 years. In 1996 the company expanded its business into producing ute liners under the Aeroliner and Heroliner brands and is now recognized as the leading manufacturer in the Thai market. The company has now diversified to cover a range of car and ute accessory products for both Thailand and overseas markets.

Eastern Polypack Company Limited (EPP) is a member of Eastern Polymer Group (EPG) which specialized in thermal insulated tube, plastic sheet, automotive parts and accessory, aluminum air duct, lighting and plastic packaging. EPP step into the year 2008 with operational excellence proven by our accreditation of internationally recognized standard such as GMP/HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TIS/OHSAS 18001. Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP is a term that is recognized worldwide for the control and management of manufacturing and quality control testing of foods, pharmaceutical products, and medical devices. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a systematic preventive approach to food safety and pharmaceutical safety that addresses physical, chemical, and biological hazards as a means of prevention rather than finished product inspection.

Was established in year 1993 producing rigid prefabricated air duct branded “ESCODUCT” that is ideal for use in air conditioning systems of office buildings, hotels, hospitals and other industries. Other ranges of products produced by ESCO include air diffusers and grills under the brand “ESCOFLOW” brackets for air condensing units branded “ESCOBRACKET” as well as other metal products such as high technology energy saving fluorescent lighting fixtures “X-TRABRITE”

ESCO was a pioneer in Thailand to venture into the production of prefabricated rigid air ducts. Today, ESCO is equipped with modern machinery and facilities along and with its teams of experienced professionals; it has now become a leading company in the production and installation of air ducting system which made them the first air ducting company to be accredited with ISO 9002 certification in year 1999. Subsequently, with its strong commitment in striving to continuously improve its operating system in order to provide specialty and high quality products, ESCO was again accredited with :

The company relocated to Samutprakarn and was renamed Eastern Polymer Industry Company Limited with 1,500 M2 Factory.

The Rubber division manufactures insulation tubes and sheets marketed under the brand “AEROFLEX” and “AEROCEL”. Aeroflex and Aerocel have been used widely for energy saving and preventing condensation on hot and cold water pipes in HVCA&R systems of high rise buildings as well as industrial and residential buildings.

EPG Innovation Center Co., Ltd. is one of the company under Eastern Polymer Group. The centre of this company is currently located at 111/1 Moo 2 Tumbol Makhamku, Amphur Nikompattana, Rayong. The purpose of establishment is as following

To testing and analysis materials such as metal, ceramic, polymer, food product, beverage packaging and products of biotechnology. To conduct research and development of basic and applied research in metal, ceramic, polymer, food product, beverage packaging and products of biotechnology. To calibration measuring equipments.