Aeroklas U-Box Trity is the new model that launched in 2012. The three ways opening U-Box is your selection to revolutionized pick up cargo management. Aeroklas U-Box Trinity comes with a one center locking system which enables you to lift whole lid assembly up to 90 degrees and up to 60 degrees on the side lid with a “Stay Open” feature to prevent accidental lid closure. Other features include twin independent keys lock, tray and color option. This tough, durable, UV resistant, lockable all purpose U-box is designed with portability in mind for both the trades and recreational person.


Aeroklas U-Box Gladiator is tough and durable for secure storage, keep your belongings safe with the Aeroklas strong locking system, the Aeroklas pop-up locking system makes it easy to open and lock, No drilling required with the Aeroklas patented installation guide.