Aeroklas Panel

“Aero Panel” the ready made insulation panel is an environmentally friendly which shall be use for modern farm building especially for pig and chicken farm. The panel strong, lightweight, smooth, surface easy to clean and anti-bacteria residual. The installation time is faster than original system, easily to dismantle and re-install.

Structure of Aero Panel

HDPE Geomembrane, produced by using a flat iron which controlled by a computer system and the material is Poly Ethylene pure quality with high molecular weight. This process is guaranteed thickness tolerance not more than 10% of the set, which is considered as a stringent quality control in the industry by the average thickness of the HDPE.

  1. Both surface shall be “ABS” plate or one side “ABS” and the other side was aluminium foil depend on work purpose. The materials shall be able to with stand the corrosive and humiditive environmental.
  2. The panel core made of polystyrene foam (EPS) which density about 16-32 kg/m3. This material is an insulation to protect heat from outside and keep inside room temperature cool, suitable for animal life. The panel is light weight but strong.
  3. The skin surfaces are bonded to the core material under pressure using a two parts polyurethane adhesive.

Advantages of “Aero Panel”

  1. Energy saving more than 50% to keep building cool.
  2. Save construction cost more than 40%.
  3. Save construction time more than 50%
  4. Easily to dismantle and re-install.
  5. Perfect withstand to corrode environmental and humidity without rust.
  6. The panel surface smooth and easily to clean, then save electrical lighting power cost and no residual bacteria and fungi.