Full Service Supplier (FSS) Capability

Aeroklas focuses always on cutting-edge innovation in both material and design. For this very important task we employ a professional and specialized R&D team which constantly develops new product or design prototypes. This team works on these innovations until they come to the final production stage

Aeroklas are focused and committed to being a respected world class full service supplier. We are a competent partner from the development of the product to series production and the supply of ready-to-install parts. All areas of the process chain are staffed with highly qualified employees who take every opportunity to optimize product development and the production process.

We are equally as competent & committed to providing world class service when commissioned as a "make to print" supplier.

We offer expertise in thermoforming, blow moulding, injection, RIM, roto-moulding, with knowledge & capability in sheet metal forming, and mechanical component & electrical integration.